So They’ve Descended to This…

(From Buzzmachine via Instapundit.)

And John “By the Way I Served in Vietnam” Kerry claims that the economy sucks and all the new jobs are low-wage. Looks like the DNC is hiring, and at $7.50-$12.50/hr. That’s not minimum wage for what must be an entry-level position for, shall we say, unskilled labor?

As Jeff pointed out, the really interesting point is that the ad says the job is to “defeat Bush” – not “elect Kerry.”

The next election will tell us, I think, just how deeply divided the nation truly is. If it’s a squeaker either way I believe that will be notification to us that civil unrest will not be far behind. If Bush wins easily, we may see some activities by the fringe left, but I won’t find it too worrisome. If Kerry (or whoever the DNC actually nominates) slides into office on a significant majority, then the forces of socialism will be prevalent, and we can pretty much kiss off our Constitutional Republic. Nothing short of open rebellion will be necessary to restore it, and honestly I don’t think the American public has it in them.

Don’t misinterpret! I am not saying that BushCo. represents Constitutional Republicanism. As far as I’m concerned, the current administration supports Big Government every bit as much as the Democrats do, and they are passing laws that afford future administrations pretty horrifying opportunities for abuse of power. But there’s a difference between opening a few scuppers in the hull and blowing the keel out. At least with option 1 you can run the bilge pumps a bit harder and stay afloat.

Happy Independence day, everybody.

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