Hey! The Carnival is Coming!

Yeesh! It’s only a week away!

The next Carnival of the Vanities will be hosted by your humble servant right here at The Smallest Minority on Wednesday, August 11. Please submit your entries by no later than Tuesday, August 10 at 8:00PM PDT so that I can throw them in a pile arrange them in some artful manner for your perusal.

To submit, email me at gunrights -AT- comcast -DOT- net (please substitute the proper symbols) with your name or nom-de-plume, the name and URL of your blog, the title (if applicable) and URL of your post of interest, and a short blurb describing the topic.

Edited to add: Put “CotV” or “Carnival” in the email title, would you? That way I won’t dump it as spam without ever opening it.

Another edit: Please, no late entries! I won’t be anywhere near a computer with internet access on Wednesday, so what goes up Tuesday night will be IT.

(Like I need something ELSE to do!)

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