Anybody Looking for a Good Deal?

Jim from Smoke on the Water is looking to sell part of his collection to finance a trip. If you’re a resident of Tejas, you can use the ELGS™ to purchase “off-paper,” or, if you’re a resident of another state, he’ll ship to your FFL dealer. Jim’s looking to sell a Ruger Security-Six, a blued 4″ barreled .357 Magnum revolver. Rugers are known for their reliability and ruggedness – if six rounds of hollowpoint don’t do it, you can bludgeon the perp to death with it. It is blued with adjustable sights.

Jim advises:

Now, only one very minute flaw exists in the Ruger I’m selling. A tiny, tiny point of pitting had started on the edge of the trigger-guard before the gun came into my possession. It has been treated, leaving behind a point of lightness in the blueing, which is no larger than the diameter of a fine pencil-lead. Frankly, it’s damn near imperceptable, but I’d be less than perfectly honest if I failed mention it.

My reserve is $325, plus the $30 for insured shipping to the FFL dealer of your choice.

Just for the record, this gun truly is surplus to my needs. My S&W Model 28 is all the .357 I’ll ever need, and I’ll be just as happy (happier, given the circumstances) with the cash. In short, I’m not parting with a sentimental icon which ought to stay in the family.

It’s just a gun, but a damned nice one. And it’s for sale.

I’d give him an offer myself, but I just blew my accumulated gun-money on a Ruger Single-Six (that cost, retail, almost as much as Jim’s opening reserve – so it’s a good deal. Go make a bid to SOTW_Jim -AT – hotmail -DOT- com. Replace the -AT- and -DOT- with the appropriate symbols. (DIE, SPAMBOTS, DIE!)

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