Oooh! Here’s a BIG One!

In relation to the “Rotten Log” post below concerning the “Celebrate Diversity” shirt, another moonbat-with-a-blog wrote another “I’m OFFENDED! post on it. At least Steve Gillard doesn’t use an alias, but he gives links for his moonbat readers to send objection letters to – I suppose – get Reynolds in hot water. Quote:

Reynolds has said any number of biased, unfair and truly repellent things on his site. Which is his right. But this crosses a rather broad line. I mean, where does he keep this shirt, next to his Wehrmacht World Tour and Hitler: No More Mister Nice Guy shirts.
I think it’s time we start asking people, like his boss, how his views and public statements coincide with the education provided by the University of Tennessee.

Hell, I have that question about any number of professors, starting with Noam Chomsky and MIT. Note the invocation of Godwin’s Law.

Steve continues with a list of contacts for the perennially outraged to write to, including:

University of Tennessee Law School Dean Tom Galligan

Sen. Randy McNally – head of the Tennessee Senate’s Education Committee

House Member Les Whittington – in charge of the House Education committee

The Memphis Commercial Appeal and the Nashville Tennessean newspapers.

Steve says:

Just ask them if they agree that a professor at the state’s public university should be advertising a shirt which opposes diversity.

My. Mouth. Hangs. Agape.


Now, when the Right does this, it’s called “censorship” by the Left. It’s “violation of their First Amendment Right of Free Speech.” But when they do it…

And, once again, the comments are priceless! (Hat tip, Spoons.)

No running commentary this time. It’s too tiring. Just go read. Here’s a taste:

I worry less about that than the minority kid in his class. If that is his opinion, can a minority kid be treated fairly by him. Diversity isn’t an opinion, but state policy. Does the university agree he should be opposing state policy on a commercial website?

Since Glenn Reynolds is a patriotic guy opposed to “Islamofacism” and since several of our financial trophy buildings are now at risk of an Al Qaeda attack, I now invite Mr. Reynolds to come down to Newark, New Jersey (in the shirt) to help guard the Prudential Building against being attacked.
There are a number of local crips and bloods who (in spite of New Jersey’s draconian gun control laws) appreciate the gun culture as much as he does. I’m *quite sure* they’ll have an interesting take on the shirt.


The Left leaves me… tired.

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