Looks Like Canada’s not Giving Up its Registration Scheme Without Some Arrests

Apparently one of the more vocal opponents was arrested – at a gun show – on Sept. 11 this year. I don’t know if this part is true, but if it is…

That he was arrested is not overly surprising. The Area Firearms Officer knows all about Bruce and does not like him or his flaunting the law so flagrantly.

What is surprising is the way this case has been handled. After all, Bruce had been openly asking the government to charge him for ages. He would have gladly taken Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officers on a tour of his home and showed them where the unregistered firearms were.

Instead they dragged Bruce away to jail, left his 12-year old daughter Katie alone in the Dryden gun show. Donna Montague, Bruce’s wife, only found out about the arrest because a friendly vendor called Donna to let her know what had happened, and that Katie was with him. The OPP apparently couldn’t be bothered to let anyone know they had abandoned the 12-year old child after arresting her father.

I find that difficult to believe, but not impossible. Anyway, according to this report, they also charged his wife, but he’s now out on bail. There is a fund for his defense. That information is also here. More detail seems to be available here.

When are they going to finally admit that the gun registration idea was a complete disaster? New Zealand did.

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