OK, Now that Photobucket’s Back Up: Cartoons!

Let’s abuse my bandwith privileges again and see what some of my favorite political cartoonists have to say about RatherGate. First up, the LA Times‘s Mike Ramirez with the “black eye” image I’ve been expecting:

Next, AOL News’s Bob Gorrell, with the correct understanding of the situation:

I said the same thing as Robert Arial of South Carolina’s The State: Just keep giving Dan the rope, he’s making the noose and stepping onto the trap door.

Interestingly, several cartoonists have jumped on the Watergate/Nixonian meme, such as Gary Varvel of the Indianapolis Star,

Larry Wright of the Detroit News,

Chuck Asay of the Colorado Springs Gazette,

and Doug Marlette of Tribune Media.

But Kirk Walters of the Toledo Blade cuts right to the heart of the matter:

CBS has burned what credibility they had by continuing to defend obvious forgeries and refusing to admit what those forgeries mean to their campaign smear story.

Note: I didn’t do a cartoon collection on the sunset of the “Assault Weapons Ban” because I really didn’t feel the need for a RCOBâ„¢ moment hour.

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