Whew! I’ve returned from the du Toit’s this afternoon about 1:50PM local time. I got not one, but TWO meals there. Since I arrived in Plano Friday afternoon, Connie invited me to have dinner with the du Toits and Airboss and his charming wife that evening.

Ladies and gentlemen, that woman can COOK.

And for an ARMY.

Those are rare skills to be found together.

The conversation – both evenings – was interesting and enjoyable, and the rangetime on Sunday was fun, too. If you didn’t come, you missed something great.

I had a terriffic time, but the drive between Plano and Tucson is a wee bit long. Just a bit under 2,000 miles round-trip. I’m tired. But I’ve been offline for so long now, I’m suffering from withdrawal!

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