And Even MORE!

Reader Oscar sends a link to this screed. Here’s a sample:

Y’know, I can’t emphasize this enough. But it’s time, and I’m not the only one–Mark Kleiman thinks so, Susan Estrich thinks so, damn near the entire liberal blogosphere thinks so. Heck, even John Kerry thinks so.

I don’t just want to beat the GOP–I want to end them. I don’t care how many decades it takes–I want to end them.

America can’t afford the GOP–a party of madmen and zealots, a party of liars and cheats, champion of all that which is divisive and hateful in our hearts. A party that appeals to the darker demons, not the better angels of our nature.

See what I mean about delusional? Oh, and do read the comments.

Yep. Definitely need more ammo. And a bigger gun.

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