“Ungovernable by Christmas” ???

Francis Porretto also reads one of my daily stops, Ravenwood’s Universe. Well, today Ravenwood wrote something that disturbed Francis.

While a Kerry victory on Tuesday scares the hell out of me, I cannot wait for this whole thing to be over. I realize that neither a Kerry victory nor Bush victory will end the polarization. But I still just want to get back to living a normal life, where I’m not ostracized by those I care most about, for my ‘wacky’ political beliefs.

(Read the whole post, though.) Francis commented:

As was said in these pages once before, politics is an acceptable substitute for bloodshed only if the contending parties can accept its verdict and return to amity, regardless of who “wins” and who “loses.” But this appears not to be the case now. Recently, ace political reporter John Fund quoted an unnamed Democratic consultant as saying:

Democrats will protest and fight so strongly that Bush won’t have a win even if he wins. We will obstruct so much that this country will be ungovernable by Christmas.

Oh. Joy.

I thought we’d pretty much beat this discussion into the ground a couple of months back in that grand three-way discussion between myself, Ironbear, and Jed Baer. However, none of us actually bothered to ask any Democrat consultants. Apparently we forgot that reason and logic don’t have much to do with this.

So, maybe I was wrong. I don’t think so, because I don’t think there’s enough of the moonbat wing of the Democrat party to carry it off, but I might be in error. Perhaps there is enough division and hatred out there to instigate a civil war.

Francis advises “keep your powder dry.”

Let me be more blunt: Fuck ’em. We’re the ones with the guns.

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