Technical Assistance Needed

I recently took advantage – if that’s the word – of Blogger’s new feature (or bug) of placing archived posts on their own web page. There have been problems in the past of calling up an archived post, and then watching it scroll off the screen as the rest of the page loads.

Great, right? Except the archived post shows up in the middle of the freaking page – which in the case of The Smallest Minority means way down younder somewhere. To the uninitiated, it looks like the text screen is blank. I have this problem, too, when the current seven days worth of posts aren’t enough to fill the available space. The text is middle-justified vertically.

No bueno.

So I sent a tech support request into Blogger, and they tell me they don’t support otherwise simple HTML questions.

So, here’s my question: How do I get my posts to show up at the TOP of the text window, instead of centered?

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