“If It’s Not Close, They Can’t Cheat”

Truer words… and the title of Hugh Hewitt’s previous book. Carnaby Fudge is asking for just what I described a couple of posts down – some help from the Blogosphere in righting a wrong. The Democrats have done what Hewitt (and others) predicted: recounted until they got the count they wanted then declared victory, but Carnaby lives in Washington, and wants a revote. Stefan Sharkansky’s blog Sound Politics has been covering the election theft electoral process and links to a new site, RevoteWA.com which is pushing a petition to get a revote.

To be honest, I’m ambivalent about it. After all, the Democrats have worked so hard to steal er, win the election. A revote might cause a landslide against them because of the disgust engendered by their blatant theft sticking to principles. Personally, I think the people of Washington should just bend over and spread ’em accept the legitimacy of their new governor. After all, she only wants what’s best for them, and plans to see that they get it – good and hard.

But if you’re a resident of Washington, and you’re just a little PO’d about the election, you might want to drop by Sound Politics and get really PO’d. Then make a visit to RevoteWA.com to sign the petition.

Oh, and go by and read Ravenwood’s The Number of the Counting Shall Be Three. I’d missed the Python reference, but he nailed it.

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