Welcome New Readers!

I see I’m receiving another Kimalanche. If this is your first visit, thank you. If you want some flavor of what this site is about, please check out the “Best Posts” over on the left column. If you’re a repeat visitor, welcome back.

I’m flattered by Kim’s link and praise. I really appreciate it when something I’ve slaved over written gets major attention, and (since I don’t do this exclusively for the mental exercise) I appreciate the traffic and any comments readers leave.

As to traffic, I’ve only been doing this for about a year and a half. Five hundred hits a day, more or less, isn’t all that bad for a very specific blog that tends to long, link-filled essays.

So, thank you Kim, and Toren, and SayUncle and everyone else. Expect to be cited when and/or if I ever write a book!

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