Where’s Uncle Walter When You Need Him?


Too Bad Dan Rather’s Shot His Wad of Credibility

He could have broken this story on the CBS Evening News and convinced everybody.

It seems that Knight-Ridder Newspapers group has concluded that the Iraq war is unwinnable.

An analysis of a U.S. newspaper group concludes the United States is headed toward defeat in the Iraqi war.

The Knight Ridder Newspapers analysis of U.S. government statistics shows the Sunni Muslim insurgency in Iraq steadily gaining on the U.S. military, the Detroit Free Press, owned by Knight Ridder, reported Saturday.

Among factors cited:

— U.S. military fatalities from hostile acts rose from an average of about 17 per month in May 2003 to a current average of 82 per month;

— The average number of U.S. soldiers wounded by hostile acts per month has spiraled from 142 to 808 during the same period;

— Attacks on the U.S.-led coalition since November 2003 rose from 735 a month to 2,400 in October;

— The average number of mass-casualty bombings has grown from zero in the first few months of the U.S.-led occupation to an average of 13 per month; and

— Electricity production has been below prewar levels since October.

“All the trend lines we can identify are all in the wrong direction,” said Michael O’Hanlon of the Brookings Institution, a Washington policy research organization.

In other news, Knight-Ridder announced that, with the firing of the great General George McClellan, the Army of Northern Virginia will be unstoppable. The civil war is unwinnable. All the trend lines are in the wrong direction.

Also, after the fall of Singapore and then Corregidor, the war in the Pacific is unwinnable. All the trend lines are in the wrong direction.

Now that the media has shown itself to be a “clear and present danger” due to the fact that it has thrown the wrapper off its activities as a Fifth Column, perhaps now the President can make the moonbats really froth at the mouth by invoking the government’s power of censorship in time of war.

Yes, I’m serious.

The only way we will lose this war is if we lose our will. The media is doing everything in its power to sap our will, and I’m goddamned tired of it. The media lost the war in Viet Nam, and it’s trying to repeat the achievement. But this time an American pullout means a lot more that the deaths of a few million brown people and the loss of American pride.

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