Another Defensive Gun Use, Just a Little Too Late

Everybody’s probably heard about Megan Leann Holden and her abduction from the parking lot of the Tyler, Texas Wal-Mart she worked at. Her truck, and her suspected abductor were found in Willcox, Arizona after Johnny Lee Williams went to a hospital to be treated for a gunshot wound to his shoulder.

It seems that after abducting Holden, he tried to rob someone at an RV park:

Tyler police spokesman Don Martin said earlier that Holden, a clerk at the Wal-Mart store, had clocked out at 11:43 p.m. Wednesday.

A surveillance videotape “shows Megan getting into her truck and the (man) running up behind her and either hitting her or pushing her,” Martin said. “Then the vehicle drives off.”

He said Williams, of Tyler, was considered a suspect.

(Carol) Capas (spokeswoman for the Cochise County, Ariz. Sheriff’s Department) said Williams is believed to have been shot during an attempted robbery at an RV park northeast of Willcox. A man at the RV park told authorities he had shot a man who had pulled a gun on him and demanded money.

Williams was being treated at Northern Cochise Community Hospital for a gunshot wound to the shoulder;

Too bad Williams didn’t meet a “dangerous victimbefore he abducted Ms. Holden. And too bad Ms. Holden, a 19 year-old woman and employee of Wal-Mart, was prohibited from being armed both by her age, and also by Wal-Mart policy on firearms in the workplace. She made a perfect target.

The report doesn’t mention it, but the front page link to it states that Ms. Holden’s body has been found by the authorities.

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