Another Example of Gun Bigotry Due to Paranoia

Matt at Stop the Bleating (added today to the blogroll, among others) gives his explanation of why he got his Virginia CCW permit. Read it, it’s a good story. But most definitely read the comment by “Anonymous” (big surprise). Here’s the money quote:

Would a gun, in that circumstance, make me feel safer? You know, it might. Only on an instinctual level though; rationality does not lead me to the conclusion that I should go out and get a concealed carry license. I feel much less safe knowing that there are nascent psychos out there who could whip out a gun at any time. I’d feel much safer knowing the only people with guns are the cops and the occasional hardened criminal downtown that I’ll rarely, if ever, encounter anyway…not my next door neighbor and their uncle who happens to have a bad temper and…no pun intended…a hair trigger.

There it is, in one nice, neat package. People who want to (legally!) get a CCW permit are “nascent psychos.” Only authorized agents of the State are qualified to carry, and as long as Joe Average is prohibited from having a gun (which will apparently make him psychotic) she need only fear “the occasional hardened criminal.”

“Rationality”? Complete reality disconnect.

The responses to “Anon” are worth the read, too. Especially Matt’s.

Hat tip: Hell in a Handbasket.

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