Another RCOBâ„¢ Moment, Brought to You by Matthew at Triggerfinger.

Take some time to read the tale of what it takes to buy a gun – legally – in Washington, D.C.; The So-Called Capitol of the Free World. (A multipart post.) Excerpt from “Day 2”:

The uniformed officer led me into the office and gave me a (poorly) Xeroxed handout that (poorly) outlined the process and proceeded to give me a verbal overview. For a first gun purchase, you take form P.D. 219 to the gun dealer, buy a gun, have the dealer fill out their portion, you fill out your portion, and then bring the completed form to the gun registration office. You then get fingerprinted, and submit the completed form and fingerprint card, take a written test, then after six to eight weeks you come back and, assuming the application is approved, you get your paperwork returned stamped “APPROVED”, and you can go back to the dealer and pick up the gun. She then told me the fee for fingerprints was $35.00 and the fee for each gun registered was $13.00. She also said I needed four passport sized photos. Now I had glanced at the handout, and the fees were listed as $26.50 and $10.00 respectively. I pointed out the difference, and she put out her hand to collect the Xerox. I handed it back, expecting her to give me an up-to-date version. She took a pen and scratched in the higher costs. (This may sound absurd, but in actuality, this woman’s action is the only example of workplace efficiency ever documented in the history of the Washington, DC government.)

Read it all. Pass the link around to your friends.


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