Quote of the Week.

From a week ago, and why I didn’t do it then is beyond me. Critical Mastiff put up an outstanding post, The Gun Thing which was featured in last week’s Carnival of Cordite. I even left a comment to that effect. I know I planned to post on this quote, but forgot. I’m fixing that now. (Also adding him to the blogroll under Gun / Rights blogs.)

One of the recurring themes here at TSM is the fundamental difference in philosophies between those who recognize “violent and predatory” versus “violent but protective,” and those who see only violence versus non-violence. The concluding paragraph of Critical Mastiff‘s post expresses eloquently why this is such an important thing to me and to him and to people like us:

(W)e must not forget that when we fight for the right to bear arms, we are not only fighting for a physical tool. We are fighting to determine the very character of the American mindwhether we want our children to grow up fearing power, or using power to fight evil.

Precisely. And it’s a worthy fight.

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