Hysteria in a News Piece? Don’t be Ridiculous!

Talk about hyperbole as “just the facts, ma’am” reporting!

The Arizona Red Daily Star has a piece in today’s online edition on Arizona House Bill 2666. Here’s how it opens:

The House of Representatives voted Tuesday to let people carry weapons – including guns, grenades, rockets, mines and sawed-off shotguns – into schools, polling places and nuclear plants if they claim they’re only trying to protect themselves.

I kid you not.

Where can I pick up a case of grenades and a few rockets? (And isn’t a sawed-off also a “gun”?)

Now THAT’s stellar reportage!

There’s also this obligatory quotation from the sheeple:

“I don’t see any benefits to allowing anyone to carry a concealed weapon,” said Kendal Morgan, whose son attends University High School.

“You have a lot of characters running around out there that shouldn’t be carrying weapons,” he said.

Carol Mack, whose daughter attends Cienega High School, said that while she is an advocate for gun ownership, she doesn’t think concealed weapons belong on high school or university campuses. “If you’re afraid to go to a college campus without a weapon, I think we need more security,” she said.

Yes, these people believe that the State is wholly responsible for their protection. Mr. Morgan, are you unfamiliar with last week’s Tyler Texas incident? Ms. Mack, aren’t you forgetting Columbine?

How do people go through life denying reality?

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