RIP, Airboss.

I received a sad email this morning from Connie du Toit. Steve Harod, otherwise known as Airboss, has died of a heart attack. I only met Steve and his wife Elaine once, when I visited Kim & Connie for the Sept. 11 memorial at their home, but Steve was an interesting and intelligent guy. He often sent links around to us gunbloggers that he found interesting, and I suggested to him once that he ought to have his own blog. His response:

Most of you know each other, all of you know me.
I don’t have a blog, couldn’t write one if I had it.
I do have guns/ammunition and a willingness to stand with you all.
Can’t write, can shoot
Stephen E. Herod

That’s Steve.

Jim at Smoke on the Water has an excellent eulogy up. He knew Stephen much better than I. Go read.

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