For any of you gun-nuts out there who haven’t seen the cruelly short-lived Fox sci-fi series Firefly – let me recommend that you spend the necessary thirty-five bucks and pick up the entire thing on DVD. WELL worth the time & money. I don’t know why Fox had a bug up its bum, but it did everything it could, apparently, to make sure Firefly didn’t get an audience.

Well, it sure as hell developed one after cancellation. I bought the DVD set on the strength of recommendations from posters at, and it’s great! Great writing, great acting, great guns and great shootouts.

So now there’s a feature film coming out in September that I will be lining up for, and if you have Apple’s Quicktime installed, you can watch a helluva trailer for the film.

I just hope they bring it back to TV. I can’t wait.

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