On the Question of Rights.

Just to let you know, Dr. Cline emailed me yesterday with the latest update in this ongoing saga. It’s about four and a half pages in Word document form. I’m reading and re-reading and digesting it now. Expect a reply post some time later this week.

I think we’re nearing the end of the discussion. We’re going to reach some accomodation, I think, and agree to disagree on the rest.

For anyone wondering what the hell I’m talking about, read these, in consecutive order. (Fix a BIG bowl of popcorn and your favorite soft drink prior to starting. Hard liquor is only justified when you get to the fifth installment.)

What is a “Right”?

What is a “Right”? Revisited, Part I

What is a “Right”? Revisited, Part II

Rights, Morality, Idealism & Pragmatism, Part I

Rights, Morality, Pragmatism & Idealism, Part II

As before, I’ll post Dr. Cline’s reply and then my response as separate posts, one above the other.

(No, really! It’s fun!)(To a point.)

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