Well, the Ratio is About the Same.

By now everyone’s heard about the LA Sheriff’s deputies who fired something on the order of 120 rounds at a suspect. Four rounds actually hit the suspect (none life-threatening). One round hit one of the ten deputies. Thats a ratio of 30:1 for hits on the intended target.

It’s nice to know that police accuracy is consistent. I was reminded of this post from Sept. 19, 2003 where Thomas Martin McGouey attempted to commit suicide-by-cop in Tennessee. At 30 yards, Mr. McGouey (with a target helpfully drawn on his bare chest) pointed an empty air pistol at six officers.

Twenty-eight rounds fired, one hit.

In the shoulder.

Way to go, guys!

Maybe these deputies should take some pointers from Tucson Police officer Richard Silva, or New Mexico State Police Leutenant Don Day.

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