Did You Ever See Moscow on the Hudson?.

The scene where Robin Williams’ expatriate Russian character goes to a New York grocery store for the very first time? He’s there for coffee, and instead of standing in line for the one size of one choice, he sees shelves stacked three high and three deep, lined with brand after brand; Maxwell House, Folgers, Chase & Sanborn, in choices like Columbian, Arabica, French Roast, Dark Roast, etc., etc., etc.

He hyperventilates because of the sheer volume of choices.

I can relate.

I made a pilgrimage to the Mecca that is known to Houstoninan gun nuts as Collector’s Firearms. YOWSA!

That’s the biggest gun shop I’ve ever been in, and the selection is INCREDIBLE. I felt like walking down the aisles and saying “I’ll take one of these, and one of those, and a couple of them, and…”

In the class I’m taking here in Houston, two of the guys taking it with me and my counterpart are here from China. One is a Scottsman on temporary assignment, the other is a native of mainland China. They went with us. I don’t think they’ve ever imagined much less seen that much ordnance on one place.

Too bad I couldn’t buy anything on this trip…

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