Just an Update.

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately. I’ve been busy, and just not all that inspired to write at the moment.

I am, however, waiting for Alex to join TSM and begin our debate. I emailed him the day before yesterday and received an affirmative reply:

I am trying to get one more project out the door.

I will post something as soon as I can.

So expect to see something on that subject soon.

I’m planning on writing a couple more pieces on LTC Dave Grossman’s book, On Killing, as well; one on that 2% of the population that can apparently kill without much in the way of remorse, and another on whether or not we’ve been inadvertently conditioning our kids to be killers. Neither of those pieces has jelled, yet, and I don’t want to force them.

I’ve also been spending my online time reading a lot of the milblogs. If you haven’t, I recommend it. You’re not going to hear about any of what these guys have to say in the regular media.

Anyway, I haven’t dropped off the face of the Earth, and thank you to all the regular readers who check in each day and keep my hit counter rolling over.

And remember, I also do requests, though it might take me some time.

Keep checking in.

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