Couldn’t Happen to Nicer People, or “About Damned Time!”

I’d seen this news elsewhere, but Head of Head’s Bunker has the best bit of news. It seems that the Folsom Gun Club in California has had enough of California’s anti-gun antics and is striking back. They’re officially banning California Department of Justice employees from using their range while acting in any official capacity.

Now that’s good news. The great news? The Brady Bunch has their panties in a twist over it:


Sacramento, CA – A shooting range here has announced a ban on use of its shooting facilities by employees of the California Department of Justice because the Department is supporting two bills in the State legislature that the club opposes.

The bills represent groundbreaking new ballistic identification systems which would give police new crime solving tools. Each would set up systems for markings on gun ammunition in California that would help law enforcement investigators track down the perpetrators of shootings that might otherwise remain unsolved. One bill (AB 352) would require handguns to include a device that stamps a specific number on bullets that are fired by that handgun, while the other (SB 357) would require that ammunition manufacturers mark ammunition with a serial number for potential tracking.

The bills have the support of the California DOJ. No California law enforcement organizations oppose the measures. In a letter to California Attorney General Bill Lockyer, Thomas S. Hause, President of the Folsom Shooting Club, which operates the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center outside Sacramento, wrote “The Board of Directors of the Folsom Shooting Club (FSC) has directed me to advise you, in writing, that Department of Justice staff, while acting in their official capacity, are suspended from using the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center (SVSC). The FSC is concerned that your staff will further your efforts regarding AB 352 and SB 357 while using our facility.”

Leaders of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the Million Mom March are urging the club to drop the policy immediately. “It is offensive that the owners of this shooting range would rather side with criminals than with law enforcement and victims, not to mention that they are discriminating against people simply because they have a different view on legislation,” said Amanda Wilcox, State Council Leader of the Million Mom March. “It is also very troubling when it is law enforcement agents who are using the facility for training purposes.”

“What’s next – should police who support sensible gun laws have their firearms taken away? This is un-American, and these guys ought to have their heads examined,” said Jim Brady, chair of the Brady Campaign.

“This is un-American!” I could make a comment about brain damage, but I won’t.

But that’s not the best part. No, indeed! I loved this:

The state Assembly has passed AB 352, which would give police the ability to match bullet shells at the scene of a crime to the gun that fired the bullet.

Wait! I thought that “ballistic fingerprinting” could do that already!

The two bills being pursued in the California legislature are right up there in terms of reality with repealing the law of gravity, or dictating to the car manufacturers that they WILL build zero-emissions vehicles that people will be willing to drive. And pay for.

But in La-la land they think that passing a law will magically make it so, and to hell with the facts.

It’s about time that they saw some unintended consequences of their own. I applaud the Folsom Gun Club. I wonder if they need a new member?

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