Agreed (by Alex)

Sounds good Kevin. For the record my first post was 100% “snark-free” (go back and check for yourself), and after our first exchange, I took the gloves off as I figured you had done the same. But, despite the common perception here, no- I don’t have to be a wiseass to write (although I did love the reactions it generated).

So, for all future posts, I will respond in kind. Forthright argument will be met with forthright argument, snark with snark. Your site- you drive.

I’ll let you respond to the comments when you get the opportunity. I had more to write, but it’s only fair to let you respond first. My time is growing short here as things begin to pick up for me at work next week, and will likely be hell for at least the month of September. But I should be able to carve some time out at least in the next few days to post a few more replies.

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