I KNEW This Blogging Thing Would Eventually Pay Off!

Via Instapundit, I’m now going to a Sept. 28 preview of Serenity! All I have to do is write a post reviewing the film afterwards.

I’ve mentioned Serenity here before. Specifically, I got the box-set DVDs of Firefly for Father’s Day last year, this EXCELLENT cartoon from May, and this post from April linking to the first trailer. (Just establishing my bona fides.)

Man, I can’t wait. This looks GOOD, unlike most of the dreck that Hollyweird’s kicked out this year.

Tagline of the year: “I aim to misbehave.”

UPDATE: Per the requirements to get into the advanced screening, the synopsis of the film:

Joss Whedon, the Oscar® – and Emmy – nominated writer/director responsible for the worldwide television phenomena of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE, ANGEL and FIREFLY, now applies his trademark compassion and wit to a small band of galactic outcasts 500 years in the future in his feature film directorial debut, Serenity. The film centers around Captain Malcolm Reynolds, a hardened veteran (on the losing side) of a galactic civil war, who now ekes out a living pulling off small crimes and transport-for-hire aboard his ship, Serenity. He leads a small, eclectic crew who are the closest thing he has left to family –squabbling, insubordinate and undyingly loyal.

IMHO, the ensemble acting is some of the best I’ve seen since M*A*S*H. Maybe better.

And check THIS out:

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