Maybe I Do Need an Editor…

I got another letter-to-the-editor published in the local lefty fishwrap, The Tucson Weekly. Five weeks ago (!) one of the op-ed columnists wrote a piece I found quite offensive. I wrote a post about it entitled Gun Bigots a few days later. Then I sat down and wrote a letter to the editor, as I have done a half-dozen times in the past.

The editor asked me if I could cut it down, since it was about twice as long as a normal letter. I tried, but I was only able to cut it by about a third.

Well, they finally published it, (tenth letter down) but cut further for length. It’s not what I’d have preferred, but it’ll do. I’m now five for six, and the one they didn’t print I wouldn’t allow them to cut.

Nice to know the editor allows a dissenting voice. Now I’m trying to angle for a “Guest Commentary.” Hey, he told me I was a good writer and “you have a different viewpoint than most of our commentators, so I’d be glad to get future pitches from you.” A different viewpoint? I should hope!

I think I’ll do a little warming-up.

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