New Blogger.

(Found via Blognomicon.)

Words written by Redmemory1 is very new. Per the blogger profile the author is a 35 year-old female who has some pretty serious issues. As Alan noted:

This blog was begun on Nov 5, and the six posts so far have covered sexual abuse, drug addiction, and overcoming the fear of firearms.

Pretty powerful stuff in pretty short posts. From the “fear of firearms” post, Bang:

On October 15, a friend came to the house and began the exposure for me. Pieces of guns, bullets all placed slowly one at a time in front of me. Honestly, this was more difficult than when the gun was pieced together. I still don’t know why. It could be because it was my first exposure to a handgun ever, even if it was in pieces, and I was very afraid.

The next day I felt strong, almost buoyed by the previous evening’s survival and lack of vomit at the sight of the weapons. I slept without dreams that night and felt positive that going to the range would only help more in that area.

RTWT. All the posts so far, not just that one. And leave some words of encouragement.

And if anybody flames her, remember: There’s a special corner in Hell reserved just for you.

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