“I’m So Ronery, I’m So Ronery, So Ronery, and Sadry Arone.”

Hat tip to Raven at AR15.com who found this Sweetness & Light posting on Mother Sheehan’s (*ahem*) sparsely attended book signing outside of Crawford.

What, none of her entourage can afford a copy of her book even for a photo-op? And what a photo-op!

I’m sure the DUers and Kossacks will be screaming about how the “Right-wing media machine” is propagandizing blah, blah, blah… Frankly I’m amazed the AP pictures hit the internet via Yahoo.

Now will she go away?

UPDATE: Steven Den Beste, in a comment, links to this rather harsh editorial, Cindy Sheehan: Is Anybody Else Sick Of This Broad? Worth the read.

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