Ammo Day Update:.

At approximately 2:20PM MT (3:20 CT) I went to my nearest Wal*Mart and purchased 300 rounds of Remington 125gr .357 Magnum ammunition. They had Winchester, but it was the WinClean stuff (and only 200 rounds of it). The WinClean has a muzzle blast from my wife’s 3″ Model 60 that you’d have to see to believe. So I cleaned ’em out of Remington in that caliber & weight. The clerk’s “All of it?” was worth it. The shelves were fairly well stocked in other calibers, however. 7.62×39, .40 S&W, .223 Remington, .380, 9mm. We needed more representation, obviously. And, though I searched, I was unable to find a DVD copy of Red Dawn – more’s the pity.

Next year I shall endeavor to purchase more ammo, but the remodel has me fairly strapped at the moment. What’s worse, every day this week has been beautiful; calm & clear. And I can’t go to the range!

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