Holy excrement, Batman, one of my posts is in a list of candidates for “Greatest Blog Post Ever” over at The Politburo Diktat, and the company it’s keeping is some fine stuff indeed.

I don’t know how Those Without Swords Can Still Die Upon Them got nominated, but I’m gratified that it made that fine list. (Edited to add: Now I know, I read the comments. Thanks, Publicola. That’s high praise indeed.) I hold no hope of winning (the selection immediately above it is Steven Den Beste’s Strategic Overview for example, and he-who-shall-not-be-named’s Pussification of the Western Male is above that), but it really is an honor to be nominated (batting my extended eyelashes at the judges, and smiling my Vaselined Tooth smile…)

UPDATE, 11/17: [Sally Field]You like me! You really like me![/Sally Field] (Either that, or my six hundred hits a day come from twelve readers who have no lives of their own.) The field has been narrowed to ten nominees, and Those Without Swords is currently in second place behind LGF’s TANG memo by only two votes. Charles’ post is more important (but mine is better written!) Anyway, I’m stunned.

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