If You Need to Lawyer Up, Get a Bulldog.

I reported yesterday that Patricia Konie, the 58 year-old woman who was body-slammed by a CHP officer, disarmed and “evacuated” from her New Orleans home against her will, has filed a lawsuit. I also noted that the story at the time I posted the link wasn’t working. It is now. Here’s something interesting:

“My client was severely injured in a needless removal from her home,” stated attorney Ashton O’Dwyer. “Patricia Konie had food, plenty of water, and a roof over her head. The police who illegally entered her home and imposed their will on a frail, middle-aged female should have been out apprehending armed, male looters instead.”

That name struck a bell.

It ought to have. Mr. O’Dwyer was shown on CNN himself during the period where police officers and military personnel were going door-to-door in full military kit. The video is no longer freely available, but if you’re a “CNN Pipeline” member, it’s still up here. Thanks, however, to Wang Chi’s House of Pancakes, the transcript of Mr. O’Dwyer’s earlier fifteen seconds of fame is available.

ASHTON O’DWYER, NEW ORLEANS HOLDOUT: Have you, has your neighborhood ever been invaded by state troopers from another state? Sent here by God knows whom?

SIMON: Many of the people continuing to stay in New Orleans were told time was running out. Ashton O’Dwyer is an attorney but says he’ll defy any order requiring him to evacuate.

O’DWYER: I will leave when I am dead. OK. Let them be warned. They come to my house, they try to evict me, they try to take my guns, there will be gunfire.

SIMON: With his house intact and with plenty of food and water, O’Dwyer cannot understand why folks like him are being forced to leave.

O’DWYER: Treat me with benign neglect. Get out of my neighborhood, get out of my life, get out of my [ bleep ] city.

I think Ms. Konie has picked the perfect lawyer for her suit.

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