Some People Have No Sense of Humor.

Remember the Redneck Christmas decoration post? Well, reader Aaron sent me a link to a news story where some neighbors aren’t amused, it seems.

Display Shows Bleeding Rudolph Hanging From Tree

ORLANDO, Fla. — A holiday display is getting some negative attention from neighbors. A homeowner’s display in the Hunter’s Creek subdivision features Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer hanging from a tree.

“Hunter’s Creek”? And they don’t like a field-dressed deer?

One red light represents its nose and the rest appear to be blood draining from Rudolph’s body. The display represents a hunting technique called field dressing, which is what hunters do to a deer they kill, but many neighbors say it disgusts them.

“It’s just kind of sad for the kids, ’cause they see that and it’s just not a very good example,” said neighbor Kathleen McMahon.

“I don’ think it’s very nice at all. It’s Rudolph and I think that’s really nasty,” said neighbor Bree McMahon.

The homeowner wouldn’t talk to Channel 9 Wednesday night.

Neighbors said they just want the display taken down.

Here’s the picture I like best:

The other deer looks a bit spooked.

Honestly, I can see how some people would be offended, and I don’t have a white wire-frame illuminated Donner or Blitzen hanging in my front yard right now because of that.

But if I had a suitable tree in my back yard…

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