Another Email: Midway USA is Hiring.

Are you passionate about the shooting sports? (Check) Do you love to hunt, reload or tinker with guns? (Check) Do you have a track record of success in marketing or business? (Nope)

MidwayUSA has excellent career possibilities in our Sales & Marketing Department for professionals with outstanding business credentials to develop and deliver world-class product lines or marketing strategies for our customers. We are looking for smart, educated people who will bring their skills and experience to make us even better!

If you are interested in turning your passion into a career, check out our career page at for a closer look at our current openings.

I don’t think they could meet my salary requirements. I’d need a helluva raise if I worked for Midway. Of course, they’d get a lot of it back. And I didn’t see any job openings for an Electrical Engineer, either. Oh well.

Too bad the economy is so bad that companies are trolling their customer lists trying to find new employees.

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