An Interesting Experiment.

I received an email today from “The Rev. Billy Gisher,” to wit:

Subject: i own a gun does that get me a link swap with

I am a fellow member of Technocrati, and I would love to swap links with your site. Please review mine, and if acceptable let me know.

So I perused his site, which is entitled Less People Less Idiots.

First impressions are often misleading.

I perused more of his site. Pieces like his Bless me father, for I am an idiot and its follow-ons were non-partisan equal-opportunity grin-n-wince fests. Offensive Material? is a pretty good screening test for the PC crowd. The Rev. Billy, from what reading I’ve done at his site, is somewhat pretty far Left of where I stand, but has some interesting things to say. I’ll quote a couple of them, but not link the posts. You search for ’em. I did.

Just how many dead babies did you eat for breakfast this morning, two, three? I hear they are real tasty with a good hollandaise sauce smeared on them. You probably can’t get enough of those dead babies. We need to produce even more of these tasty treats. Pope John XXIII summed up these feelings best when he remarked, ”Which one of these is the salad fork?”

What, you don’t feel that way? Do you mean to tell me, that you don’t like the number of abortions we perform? You wish there were less of them? This is a huge surprise to me, for when I look at how hard some of you fought to keep the right to have abortions, I might think otherwise. More specifically, if you are uncomfortable with the numbers of abortions performed, why aren’t you fighting just as hard, to help lower that number? Could it be because of the word fetus? Not Festus, fetus.

The crowd that runs through Less Idiots, is a much more aggressive group, (so far) than the much larger crowd that visits “Those Bastards”. I want a mix of comments on these posts, and I want them for several reasons I will not bore you with. On that subject, though it may not seem that way if you read the rants last week, I am very proud of the comments you folks make on this site. Lot’s of thinking is going on in these comment boxes.

I must ask you if you would be willing to try and do something about it yourself? Both of the two major political parties in the United States have so far been incapable of pulling together and working these problems out. Fly a couple of airplanes into a few of our major landmarks, and we can come together, and blow up a few camels in the desert. The American public itself is deeply polarized on most of the issues that confront us. Frenetic letters written to government officials and countless protest marches have been ineffective at punching a hole in the wall of ignorance that now surrounds us.

Why then, were we able to pull together in this country, and find the resolve to work together with other nations to correct the ozone problem? Mainly because we had to, or we would have all soon perished, when all of our ozone was gone. The problems we face today can wipe humanity out completely. Perhaps they are not close enough to warrant the same panic the ozone problem aroused in us. They are however, going to require much greater effort and coordination to solve.

So what can you do to try and turn all of this around? How do you perform this trick without bringing more violence and death to mankind, through yet another armed revolution?

Find that last post and read the whole thing. Personally, I think the good Rev. might be half a bubble off of plumb, and even worse, a wee bit too late, but he is, or at least appears to be, trying something to stave off what he and I see as impending systemic collapse.

So, here’s your link(s), Rev. If you want to have a conversation, you’ve got my email addy.

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