Feast Weekend.

For some reason, I feel like cooking this weekend. I’ve got a nice 2-lb. London Broil marinating in the refrigerator, and a big batch of spaghetti sauce simmering in the crock pot. A lovely 10-oz. Ahi tuna steak is thawing in the fridge near that London Broil.

Tonight is Surf & Turf. I’ll grill that London Broil and my wife will make sashimi. (I don’t eat raw fish, but she does eat beef.) Tomorrow is lasagne and home-made bread. I’m getting my grocery list together now for the stuff I need to complete these meals (and restock the house, since I didn’t get to the store last week).

Looks like I’ll be picking up some Rice-a-Roni (in the box) while I’m there.

In the mean time, I’ll be doing some reloading. I got my bench and supply cabinet back in the house last night. And, hopefully, I’ll be posting that piece on religion that I’ve been fighting with for the last couple of weeks. Stay tuned.

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