This Looks Like an Interesting Storyline.

The next few strips promise to be interesting.

And I was right. Here’s Tuesday’s strip:

I’m with Zed. Endlessly fascinating!

Wednesday does not disappoint:

Hmm…. Wet T-shirt shooting competitions… Well, we are trying to recruit new shooters!

Thursday’s strip.

Yes. Yes, we do.


Yes, this is why you don’t wear a shirt with a loose (or a low) collar at the range!

And this is a GREAT country!

UPDATE: Denise of The Ten Ring is apparently responsible for Friday’s inspired cartoon! Too cool!

Saturday: I was hoping for a continuation of the “hot brass” theme, but…

I can just SEE Jan’s “But nobody needs a .50″ thoughtfeel-waves radiating from her skull.

Muir does big multi-panel strips on Sundays. I wait with bated breath.


Yes, some of them are. Why that tends to surprise other Democrats, I don’t know. It is a right that unites… Well, a lot of us.

Zed is “black ops” military? This WILL be interesting!

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