Annoyingly Slow to Load?.

Has the blog been annoying slow to load today? First Blogsnot has an outage this morning from 9:00 to 9:40, and now (apparently) Technorati is gumming up the works.

If it’s not Blogsnot, it’s Technorati. If it’s not Technorati, it’s Haloscan.

You know, if I actually PAYED for this site, I’d have some room to complain. (Well, I do pay for Haloscan, but it’s a pittance.)

Sorry about the sluggishness. Hopefully things will improve.

Edited to add:

Damn, that was prescient. Blogsnot crashed again at about 6:30PM and, as I write this, is STILL down (7:45AM Friday). I can post, but nobody can access my blog. If you’re reading this, they must have finally gotten it fixed.

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