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War of the WorldsWilliam S. Lind

I found this at A pullquote to pique your interest:

There is one element of the real Brave New World Huxley missed, and that is ideology. At the heart of the West’s assault on itself, on traditional, Christian, Western culture, is the ideology of cultural Marxism, the civilizational IED planted by Gramsci, Lukacs, and the Frankfurt School. Known most commonly as political correctness or multiculturalism, cultural Marxism holds sway over all Western elites; to deny or contravene it (without groveling apologies) is to cease instantly to be a member of the elite. It has already made vast progress toward its goals of “negation” of Western culture and the “transvaluation of all values” (stolen from Nietzsche), which means simply that the old sins become virtues and the old virtues, sins. Buggery is a fine, normal, high-principled thing, but for God’s sake, don’t smoke.

As summarized by the guy who found it, our choices are:

‘If it feels good, do it.’

‘as-Salamu- ‘Alaikum’

‘When in the Course of Human Events…..’

Quite succinct. Give it a read. I’m interested in your comments.

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