Perpetuating a Stereotype.

Scott at Rules for Rulers sent me a link to something kind of interesting (in a “haven’t seen one of those in a while” way.) A true, dyed-in-the-wool Million Mommy, unabashed, and willing to display her deliberate ignorance and spread her disinformation on a gun board.

Damn, but these women are getting rare. We’re going to have to put them on the endangered species list soon.

Anyway, “Randy” went to a site by the name of Bastards, Inc., to a post on the evil high-capacity armor-piercing tank-destroying jumbo-jet-downing FiveseveN pistol, and proceeded to villify the NRA and champion the Brady Campaign (she’s a high-level member if you believe her posts) before a somewhat restrained and, to be honest, condescending crowd. But not hostile! Well, not very hostile.

Seeing as the posts in question date back to February of 2005, perhaps by this time some semblance of reality has sunk into Randy’s little pointed head.

But I doubt it.

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