“The Cult of Malevolent Mendacity” .

There’s an appropriate appellation if I’ve ever read one. A while back Jack Cluth of The People’s Republic of Seabrook really pissed me off with a post insisting that the government was disrespecting soldiers killed overseas by shipping them home (*gasp!*) as air cargo!

I had a little something to say about that.

We exchanged comments.

Jack posted a Ted Rall “cartoon” that perpetuated the lie.

Jack then named me one of his “Dumbass Award Wieners,” and in the comments stated:

Jeez, Kevin…calling you an asshole would be a huge understatement, wouldn’t it?

Considering the source, I wear that tag with pride over on the left sidebar of this blog.

This particular bit of Moonbat mendacity still hasn’t died.

It seems that Mother Sheehan told the press just a few days ago that her son came home in a cardboard box, unescorted, and was unloaded with a forklift, along with other assorted and sundry male bovine excrement.

Gateway Pundit has the whole story, and all of the facts.

But facts don’t matter to the malevolent maligners lying bastards.

I found the Gateway Pundit link (and the title for this piece) through Van der Leun’s American Digest to The Anchoress’s post Judas & the Cult of Malevolent Mendacity. I heartily recommend you read it, and Van der Leun’s own post, Judas: A Saint for Our Seasons. I may be an atheist, but I know powerful and thought-provoking writing when I read it. And I know bullshit when I see it.

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