How Many Times Do I have to REPEAT Myself?.

Via Joe Huffman comes this inane imbecilic piece from the inappropriately named “Gun Guys” web page, Our Country’s Crazy Concealed Carry Laws. It’s pretty much boilerplate anti-concealed carry diatribe, and we get the standard money-quote:

Here’s the two things you need to know about concealed weapons: first off, they’re dangerous. More guns means more violence, no matter what.


Let me repeat myself. One. More. Time.

Here’s the U.S. murder rate from 1900 through 2002:

The decline has continued through 2005.

Here’s the non-fatal firearms crime stats from 1993 through 2004:

Here’s the simple and aggravated assault rates from 1973 through 2004:

According to this Clinton-era Whitehouse press release:

Handguns Account for Nearly Half of All New Gun Sales – About 2 Million Per Year. Fifty years ago, handguns represented only one out of every 10 new gun sales. Now they account for more than four out of 10.

And – one more time – here’s the map of the U.S. showing the progress of “shall-issue” concealed-carry laws:

Now, since 1986 we’ve added at least 20 MILLION handguns and probably 40 million shotguns and rifles (literally millions of them so-called “semi-automatic assault weapons”) to the total in private hands. We’ve gone from eight “shall-issue,” 17 “no-issue” and 24 “may-issue” states (and one unrestricted) to 37 “shall-issue,” 9 “may-issue” and 2 “no-issue” states, with TWO unrestricted.

But you want me to believe that “More guns means more violence, no matter what.”

You, too, are cordially invited to eat my shorts. “Straight shooter” my ass.

UPDATE: Mike Lief posts a link to this piece, and draws this comment:

I question the veracity of your source.

from “Sbarro.”

He questions the Bureau of Justice Statistics and Bill Clinton’s White House? Who does he trust??

And why didn’t he raise his objections here?

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