I Haven’t Heard Language Like This Since Billy Beck

He may be fine material for a subject, but citizenship is beyond his moral and intellectual ability.

That was directed right at me, since I tend towards pragmatism about rights, rather than being an absolutist.

Please, read the original post and all the comments.

And “straightarrow” is cordially invited to eat my shorts.

Gun owners are our own worst enemies.

UPDATE: David Codrea comments on absolutism. I replied. Sailorcurt had something to say as well. SayUncle notes that Jay had something to say too. (But Uncle got 13 comments to Jay’s one.)

It’s a regular blog-conversation!

And David seems to be outnumbered about 4:1. But that’s OK, because numbers don’t mean anything to absolutists. They think tilting at windmills is better than actually accomplishing anything. Ideological purity is more important.

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