I Try Not to Judge All by the Worst Examples…

From the comments of condolence at Gut Rumbles:

I seriously hope that God has a sense of humor and allows Ron to enter the Kingdom of Heaven but I suppose that poor old Ron is enduring a pain worse than all he dealt with here on Earth. Poor bastid is in Hell as we speak and I really hate it for him but he stood his ground against God and faith so………he’s paying the ultimate price.

Damn, I’m gonna miss reading him every day.
I tried to warn him but…….he just wouldn’t buy what I was selling. Poor pitiful, brilliant man.
Posted by RonDoble at June 26, 2006 11:05 PM

I can just imagine what Rob would have to say to Mr. Doble. (Perhaps calling him “Ron” was projection do you think?)

I, however, shall refrain, and only excerpt one key piece from my previous post, Why I Am an Atheist:

Charles Darwin, Professor Wilson relates, lost his faith not because of his formulation of the theory of evolution, but because he realized what his faith meant:

He gradually dropped his Christian beliefs because becoming a man of the world, much more aware of other cultures and other religious beliefs and so on, he said that he realized that the stories of the Bible were basically no different than the stories of these other religions, and it seemed to him that they were not in of themselves convincing. But what really turned him against religion was the doctrine of damnation. He said “If the Bible is true, and you must be redeemed in Christ and be a believer in order to go to Heaven and not go to hell, you must be this and others will be condemned,” and he said “That includes my brothers and all my best friends,” and he said “That is a damnable doctrine.” Those are his words.

I certainly understand the sentiment.

Asshat. Go “sell” it somewhere else.

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