Outstanding Dillon Precision Customer Service.

If you’re a reloader, you’ve probably heard stories like this one before, but let me tell you mine. A while back I was the “winning” eBay bidder on a used Dillon RL-450 reloading press – a model Dillon Precision no longer makes. It’s a less expensive variant of their RL-550B that lacks the option of removable toolheads. The seller said that the unit was a little rusty. He wasn’t kidding.

When it arrived, I wasn’t sure just exactly what I had. What I did have was a faded blue frame with a rusty operating handle, two powder measures, primer tubes, and a bunch of other parts, but having never owned an RL-450 or -550 before (I’ve got a Square Deal B for loading .45ACP), I didn’t know if I was missing parts, or if it was out of adjustment, or anything. I contacted Dillon about sending it in for an evaluation, got a return authorization number, and included a letter explaining that I’d bought it on eBay, wasn’t exactly sure I had everything I needed, would like to know what was wrong with it, and what it needed to get it up to speed. I waited about three weeks, and was about to drop them a note to see if they’d gotten to it when a UPS package appeard on my doorstep.

Dillon had rebuilt it.

The frame is still the faded blue piece I sent in, but as far as I can tell, everything else on it looks pretty damned new. Included in the new (correct) box, there was an instruction manual and an invoice showing over $200 in parts – at no charge. No labor charge either. They aren’t kidding about that “Lifetime ‘No-B.S.’ Warranty.”

I paid the eBay seller $152.50 for it. A new RL-550B costs $369.95.

I haven’t gotten it set up yet – just a complete lack of time – but I’m looking forward to cranking out many, many thousands of rounds in the future.

And I’ll be buying Dillon again. Actually, I’m going through the catalog picking out all the pieces I need to load all the calibers I’ve got right now…

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