Another Example of Why People Keep Guns for Self-Defense.

Via Uncle, Stalker-0 Armed Husband-1. Excerpt:

On the other hand it gives me tremendous pause to consider just how close I was that night to a decision on whether to shoot or not. Because we didn’t arrest him we don’t know whether he was armed or not, at least the officer didn’t mention frisking him. Given the sequence of events I missed coming upon this freak by perhaps seconds. At night with a flashlight as my guide I would have had to make a decision on whether he was dangerous or not. I am glad it didn’t come to that sort of decision but given my attitude I am confident that I would not have been impetuous.

Pierre has no fear that having a .45 on him will “eat away at (his) sanity as if it were emitting lethal radiation.” Pierre understands the reason for the right to arms, and his responsibilities under it.

Good on ya, mate. I’m glad everything came out well.

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