I Wonder What He (or She) Was Studying?.

Checking Sitemeter, I found that I’d had a visitor this morning who’d spent considerable time here:

He or she spent 76 minutes reading 22 pages, the last of which was March of the Lemmings, and then they exited to go to Publicola’s volunteer firearms instructors list.

Seeing that this visitor came from the servers at the University of Lancaster, in Blackpool, England, I have to wonder if this was someone doing detailed research on America’s gun-nuts for a paper on gun control? Unfortunately, this visitor left no comments nor dropped me an email, so I’ll just have to wonder.

But I can hope I gave them something to think about.

UPDATED to add: They’re Baaaaack!:

They started back at March of the Lemmings and have proceeded on through to Is the Government Responsible for Your Protection? Pt. II

Hello, mystery person! If you have any specific question, please drop me an email. The address is over on the left sidebar. Hope you’ve enjoyed your visits!

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