Getting Ready for the Rendezvous.

The ammo is loaded and ready to go. One .30 cal can about half-full of .45ACP, a .50 cal can with 400 rounds of .223 in boxes, and a full .50 cal can with 376 rounds of .30-06 on Garand clips in bandoleers. In the range bag are several loaded 8-round 1911 magazines, some loaded AR mags, and 250 rounds of .45LC. I’m bringing my Garand, my AR with both uppers, my Kimber 1911, and my M25 Mountain Gun. I’ll pack my clothes tonight, load up the truck in the morning, and hit the road for Vegas about 8:00 AM which should put me into Phoenix just after rush hour, and into Vegas in the late afternoon. I’ll leave Vegas nice and early Thursday, and get into Reno about check-in time.

Hope to see lots of you there.

And yes, I’ll let you shoot my guns. That’s why I’m bringing all the ammo.

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