Another Depressing Thought.

That really cute YouTube video I posted a few days ago? It struck me just a couple of minutes ago that it’s almost an allegory.

“Allegory? For what?” you may ask.

For socialism.

Bear with me.

The Kiwi, through superhuman (superkiwi?) effort constructs a world that allows him (her?) to realize its greatest dream. Experiencing the dream is awesome, overwhelming.

Until reality raises its ugly head, as it always must.

If there was a postscript to the film, we’d see the remains of the forest that the Kiwi had to strip to build its dreamworld, and all the creatures whose habitats had been destroyed in the pursuit of that dream.

The only thing that ruins the allegory is that this story was performed by a single Kiwi, and not a flock of them following the dream of a single charismatic leader to their own destruction.

I DO need a break.

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